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Amanda Stowers


The Tiny Bookstore 

Hand Built Miniature 

This tiny bookshop is my first adventure into miniature building, and I have to say I'm completely hooked. This was built from a kit I purchased, but I built all items by hand. The kit included pre-cut and pre-measured pieces, all meticulously assembled by me. Miniature building requires an immense attention to detail and a lot of patience - two skill sets I pride myself on!

Each book was either cut and folded by hand, or cut and pasted onto individual wooden blocks. Each flower was cut from paper, hand rolled and pasted by hand and each piece of furniture was pasted together from individually cut pieces. All handles were measured, cut and created by hand, and the red chair was upholstered using red fabric on individually cut pieces before being pasted together to form the seat. The flooring, walls and ceiling were all painted by hand and pasted together to form the final space.

While the overall finished piece is stunning, I really think my favorite part of miniatures is all of the little details! I look forward to creating my own miniatures completely from scratch in the future.