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Amanda Stowers


Mixed Pasifika Tatau Mural

for The Pacific Islander Wellness Initiative in Hayward, CA

This mural was completed in 2019 for a non-profit in Hayward, CA that specializes in mental health services and resources for the local Pacific Islander community. I painted it by hand over the course of 40 working hours, utilizing the grid transfer method and acrylic paints. I designed this mural to reflect motifs from many islands of the South Pacific so that all who entered the space felt welcomed, included and seen - something very important for those seeking mental health services. 

My intention with this design was to evoke the feelings of watching the sun rays bounce off the Pacific ocean on a clear day, and to make Pasifika people feel at peace and at home. Many of the motifs used in the blue section are specific to the ocean, such as the jellyfish, fish and turtle motifs while many motifs in the yellow section include things you would find on the land and in the sky such as the sea tern seabird, the centipede and floral motifs. 

This mural was an absolute labor of love and included a lot of detail work. Over the course of 40 working hours, I painted each individual detail completely by hand. Due to the nature of the space, I was unable to use a projector and had to utilize the grid method to transfer the design. This means that each square inch on my sketch equated to a square foot on the wall and the design had to be transferred by hand within each square to achieve appropriate and accurate scaling. 

I take a lot of pride in this mural, not only because of what it stands for and it's meaning for the Pasifika community, but because it showcases my attention to detail and ability for detail work. I'm often told that I must have a lot of patience with my work, but I think I am just most comfortable when working with my hands.