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Packaging Design

Amanda Stowers

            Packaging Design


Custom Tape & Earring Cards

As part of my business, I've chosen to create a custom design for my packaging tape. This design features the ulutao (spearhead) motif - a motif that when layered represents family and their mutual dependency and collective strength. The tape is also made from paper, making it a more eco-friendly option than traditional packaging tape. Sustainability is hugely important to the islands of the South Pacific, so I try my best to be sustainable in my packaging choices. You can read more about this tape design here on the No Issue Co blog.

I also design all of my own business cards, flyers, post cards and earring cards. You'll see my earring cards featured above, used to hold my ceramic earrings. All of my design work reflects my culture as I aim to have representation of myself in spaces you normally wouldn't find it.