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Teine Samoa

Talofa! My name is Amanda and I am a Pasifika creative from the diaspora who's recently relocated to Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand. Many of my designs and projects are inspired by my Samoan background, made with intention to build deeper understanding, appreciation and visible representation for my culture.

I have always been a creative, with interests in many different mediums from an early age. For many years as a student I worked in woodworking, set building, prop making and costume creation for multiple theatre stage productions. This ignited my passion for working with my hands, creating from scratch and creative problem solving.

These passions have led me to pursue multiple skill sets and creative outlets in my adult life, including but not limited to printmaking, pottery, ceramics, mural design & painting, welding, miniature building, and carving. Through Masina Creative I am able to combine my love for these mediums with my passion for representing my culture. I have worked with many Pasifika non-profits and organizations to build better and strong communities. My passions lie with using my creative skill-sets to help our Pasifika communities.

A little bit more about my background: my Dad comes from beautiful Aotearoa, where his family settled after leaving the islands of Samoa. I am a proud Teine Samoa {Samoan Woman} who's driving force is representation, as I grew up in the diaspora with little to no representation of my culture. I have spent my entire life being the only person like me in every space that I've entered, and that can be a very isolating thing. My intention with Masina Creative is to utilize my skill sets to be the person I needed when I was younger. To help others like me feel seen, represented, understood and appreciated.

I am my ancestor's wildest dreams. Fa'afetai tele lava {Thank you very much} for visiting!